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Colorado's unique is rooted in the balance between the organic and mechanical worlds. Not only is our state home to HQs for many of the world's major tech giants, it hosts unique programs like the revolutionary myColorado App and events like EthDenver. Denver's cultural humility has created the community-centric culture we all love, but underneath all that we are pioneers and thought leaders in emerging technologies.


Art and Technology are major drivers of communal perspective shifts. As part of DENVER WALLS programming, we aim to showcase the creatives that are driving the intersection of Art and Technology through projection mapping, AR, blockchain, and more! 



DENVER WALLS and COZ present a blockchain powered scavenger hunt that allows visitors to engage with our murals to earn rewards! COZ has created bronze plaques with RFID technology that allow visitors to tap their phone to "check in" at each location and earn points for visiting our walls! Think Four Square meets PokemonGo! 

This activation allows our community to become a part of the fun and encourages mural lovers of all ages to interact with the art. This easy to use platform rewards our community for engaging with art, connects them directly to artist info, and builds the foundation for more in-depth live gaming opportunities as we grow! 


Reimagine "Street Art" through your phone. ILLUST presents a Sculpture Garden at Mission Ballroom on Sept 22 that brings 3D objects to life through Augmented Reality. Scan QR codes on site with your phone to explore hidden objects created by artists from around the globe including Eceertrey, Plantdaddii, Klara Vollstaedt, the MCA and more! 

Welcome to Illust

Welcome to Illust

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Projection Mapping is a staple of Denver's Street Art scene. Still images can be brought to life with light, color and movement. We are thrilled to welcome a number of local projection mapping teams for various activations throughout the festival. 

Join us for a few special evenings as we light up the night! 


Waveform.EXP : presenting on the CO Motion Panel about technology focused approaches to street art on Sept 21. 

LightBrush : Projection Mapping Nychos Mural on Mission Ballroom on Sept 22.

DSDI : Projection Mapping Greg Mike's Mural on Sept 30th at The Block Distilling.



All of our tech partners have roots and connections with the Denver Community, highlighting the diverse tools that are empowering creatives to go beyond the common understanding of art. 

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